Download Algol 68 Genie

algol68g-2.8.4 Linux/BSD Source code November 2016
algol68g-2.8.3 Documentation March 2016
algol68g-2.8.3 WIN32 Precompiled March 2016

The development of Algol played an important role in establishing computer science as an academic discipline. The Algol 68 Genie project preserves and promotes Algol 68 out of educational as well as scientific-historical interest, by making available a recent checkout compiler-interpreter written from scratch by Marcel van der Veer, together with extensive documentation for both the language and this new implementation. Algol 68 Genie is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License; it is a fast compiler-interpreter which ranks among the most complete implementations of the language.

The distributions let you build Algol 68 Genie on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris or Cygwin from source code. Detailed installation instructions are in the book Learning Algol 68 Genie . Please send comments and bug reports to; your feedback will be appreciated.

Precompiled binaries for major distributions can be found here:

Debian (stable) Ubuntu (universe) OpenBSD (ports)
Arch Linux FreeBSD NetBSD
Mac OS X

An important repository is the Algol 68 project on SourceForge that also describes other open source Algol 68 implementations.

For Microsoft Windows 7 or 8, a WIN32 executable is available which is linked to GNU plotutils and the GNU scientific library. Unzip it and execute it from the Windows command line interpreter cmd.exe.