January 2022

Algol 68 Genie 3.0 was released five years after version 2.8.4. The new release is mostly the result of the evolution of the previous version over the years. Since the hardware representation of several modes has changed, the version number has been incremented.

Former Algol 68 Genie versions 1 and 2 implement 32-bit INT, BITS and 64-bit REAL modes, while implementing all LONG and LONG LONG modes in software. Version 3 implements 64-bit INT, REAL and BITS modes, and 128-bit LONG modes which are supported by modern processors. Only LONG LONG modes remain implemented in software.

Version 3.0 offers bindings for more functions from the GNU Scientific Library, as well as for statistical routines from the GNU R stand-alone mathematics library, and adds a generalized incomplete gamma function according a recent algorithm by Abergel and Moisan from the University of Paris. Also, version 3 incorporates bug fixes reported for the previous version.

Version 3 expects hardware support for 64-bit and 128-bit modes, for example the ubiquitous amd64 or x86_64 platforms. On platforms that do not meet this requirement, version 3 essentially builds as version 2.

Version 3 is developed on Debian and has been tested on FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Raspberry Pi OS. A prebuilt WIN32 binary is available that can be executed on Windows 10 from command line interpreter cmd.exe.

algol68g-3.0.2 Source code
(Linux, BSD)
January 2022
algol68g-3.0.2.win32 WIN32
Command line
January 2022

You can download the manual for the current version, which is a comprehensive Algol 68 programming guide which includes the Revised Report.