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Marcel van der Veer Running Algol68C on MVS


Recently, Algol68C Release 1.3039 was made public for download. This release is derived from the compiler that was in service to the mid 1990's on IBM mainframes. The new release is meant to run on either MVT or MVS. This report documents the installation of the new release on emulated MVS/370 … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Algol 68


This is a translation of the Algol 68 Revised Report into HTML, for distribution with Algol 68 Genie, an Open Source Algol 68 interpreter. Since Algol 68 Genie became available on the Internet, it has become clear that there still are many people who are interested in an Algol 68 implementation, the majority of them being mathematicians or computer scientists. Hence it is expected that there are also people interested in having access to the formal defining document, the Algol 68 Revised Report, which unfortunately is out of print. It is believed that a HTML translation may well meet this need and enable people to study the formal description of Algol 68, a language that over the years has caused much debate (these debates may well be another raison d'être for this HTML translation) … [Read more]

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