About Marcel van der Veer

I am a versatile and tenacious industrial scientist with MSc in chemistry and PhD in applied physics. Being service oriented, I take pride in finding robust, concept-driven solutions for complex problems.

I work both in cross-functional teams or independently, always in an international environment. I speak five languages which is an asset when working with customers and colleagues in different countries with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Interview international conference
Being interviewed before delivering a presentation at an international conference.

I have had various roles in R&D and technical customer service. Therefore, I have a track record in translating laboratory results into solutions at industrial scale, as well as providing technical service to customers.

Since I believe it is important to continuously develop oneself, to engage deeply in subjects outside daily work, and to contribute to the community, I am for example involved in open source software development - I am author, maintainer and copyright holder of Algol 68 Genie, a modern implementation of the programming language Algol 68.

Concertgebouw Amsterdam
At the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.