Privacy and cookie policy

This privacy and cookie policy applies to this website only. It does not apply to third party websites that are linked to this website. Please refer to the privacy and cookie policies of the respective third party websites.

This website does not collect data that can identify you. It does not place cookies on your device and offers no contact form.

I would appreciate your feedback on the content of this website, but kindly request you do so by e-mail. I provide two e-mail addresses on this site that you can use to contact me using an e-mail program of your choice: and specifically for correspondence regarding Algol 68 Genie.

If you send me e-mail, I obtain from you some personal data (at least an e-mail adress). I will use that e-mail adress personally in case I want to correspond with you concerning the content of your message.

For instance, if you ask a question via e-mail, I will naturally reply to your e-mail. I may also correspond with you via e-mail while a bug that you reported in Algol 68 Genie is being resolved or while a feature that you suggested is being implemented.

Security measures have been taken to protect your personal data. I will not share your data with others without your consent, unless a legal reason for sharing exists.

An example of such legal reason is when you would propose I use your open-sourced work in Algol 68 Genie. The license for your work will most likely require acknowledgement of the original author (you), commonly implying the mention of your name.

In such case and if I accept your proposal, acknowledgement of your contribution with your name will appear in forthcoming distributions of Algol 68 Genie or its documentation which are published on the internet. Apart from legal considerations, out of intellectual honesty you will of course expect acknowledgement of your contribution.

If you have inquiries about this privacy and cookie policy or requests about your personal data that you supplied to me, you can send me an e-mail with your request.

When there will be no more correspondence with you or upon your request, I will discard your data if the law allows me to, and to the extent possible.

For example, I must respect retention periods. Also, if your name is included in an acknowledgement as described above, removing your name may conflict with a license and would therefore be unlawful. Even so I could only remove your name from material distributed from this website - Algol 68 Genie distributions and documentation already published may be redistributed by other websites (for instance Linux distribution repositories) that are out of my reach. Also, this website is preserved in web archives, that are out of my reach.

This privacy and cookie policy may be reviewed and adapted occasionally. It is recommended you check this policy every now and then for changes.

This privacy and cookie policy was first published on 19 July 2018.
It was updated on 31 January 2023.