By Marcel van der Veer
December 2021

Published in Algol 68

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More than thirty years ago I started writing my own Algol 68 implementation from scratch, when Algol 68 compilers were proprietary mainframe applications while I moved to local workstations. Twenty years have passed now since I first posted Algol 68 Genie as open source software, and five years since I last posted an updated version.

Since that last version I have continued working on my pet project. I have released the current source as version 3.0. I have also updated the documentation, Learning Algol 68 Genie. The package is developed on Linux, but for Microsoft Windows a precompiled WIN32 binary to be executed from cmd.exe is available.

I increased the version number since the representation of various modes has changed with respect to versions 1 and 2 . For example, LONG REAL used to be a software implementation as twenty years ago compilers typically did not support 128-bit floats. A change of representation might give unexpected behaviour of programs that depend on specific internal representation of data.

Version 3.0 offers bindings for more functions from the GNU Scientific Library, as well as for statistical routines from the GNU R stand-alone mathematics library, and adds a generalized incomplete gamma function according a recent algorithm by Abergel and Moisan from the University of Paris.

Version 3.0 incorporates bug fixes reported for the previous version. Although version 3.0 is regression tested, it will contain both old as well as new bugs. As always, I will welcome your comments, remarks, bug reports and proposals. Algol 68 Genie would not have become what it is without the contributions of many persons, for which I want to express my sincere gratitude.

{"Languages take such a time, and so do
  all the things one wants to know about."
  The Lost Road. John Tolkien.}

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