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Marcel van der Veer Tech Tips
Building a simple NAS with Debian 11
March 2022

There are many recipes around to convert an obsolete PC into a DIY NAS for use on a Windows-machine network …

Marcel van der Veer Computing history
VM/CMS and MVS/TSO reunited
October 2021

Virtualisation began half a century ago as a method of sharing mainframe resources between different operating systems, applications or users …

Marcel van der Veer Tech Tips
Building a small Beowulf cluster II
April 2018

As described in an earlier post, at home I operate a modest Beowulf type cluster for embarrassingly parallel simulation runs in batch mode …

Marcel van der Veer Algol 68
A brief history of Algol 68 Genie
November 2016

Being the author of Algol 68 Genie, people frequently ask me why a physical chemist wrote an Algol 68 compiler …