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Marcel van der Veer Building a simple NAS with Debian 11

March 2022

There are many recipes around to convert an obsolete PC into a DIY NAS for use on a Windows-machine network. Here is mine, used to convert a deprecated workstation into a decent NAS for backup purposes … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer VM/CMS and MVS/TSO reunited

October 2021

When I was a student, the university computing centre offered VM/CMS and MVS/TSO running on IBM (compatible) mainframes. Nowadays it is possible to run those operating systems in emulation … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer Building a small Beowulf cluster II

April 2018

As described in an earlier post, at home I operate a modest Beowulf type cluster for embarrassingly parallel simulation runs in batch mode. With the experience from that build, I took on building a higher-performance cluster using Debian … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer A brief history of Algol 68 Genie

November 2016

Being the author of Algol 68 Genie, people frequently ask me why a physical chemist wrote an Algol 68 compiler. This is an understandable question since people associate Algol 68 with the learned group of mathematicians and computer scientists that conceived the language some fifty years ago and people recall the reputation it had of being a hard to implement language. In this post I would like to give an account of how Algol 68 Genie came to be … [Read more]

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