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Marcel van der Veer Military service
Veldpost Utrecht
February 2024

I reported at the Isabella kazerne in Vught on a bleak midwinter morning …

Marcel van der Veer Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Unconsciousness
February 2024

Some announce the development of conscious artificial intelligence in the foreseeable future …

Marcel van der Veer Education
Ex nihilo nihil fit
January 2024

Every now and then I have this discussion with fellow scientists - can a modern scientist believe in God? …

Marcel van der Veer Education
Academic rite of passage
April 2023

A research project resembles a book or a movie, in the sense that it is never truly finished …

Marcel van der Veer Algol 68
A perspective of Algol 68
March 2023

To better understand the position of Algol 68 among today’s plethora of programming languages, we should consider their development …

Marcel van der Veer Education
Beyond the multiverse
January 2023

A recent study suggests that during the last decades less and less groundbreaking scientific discoveries were made …

Marcel van der Veer Mathematics
Linear regression explained
September 2022

Did you, like me, have to learn linear regression the hard way during your education, by means of tedious calculus …

Marcel van der Veer Education
Be multilingual!
January 2018

Every year my daughter's high school invites parents to partake in an evening of information sessions, to help students orient themselves on their future …