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Marcel van der Veer VM/CMS and MVS/TSO reunited

October 2021

When I was a student, the university computing centre offered VM/CMS and MVS/TSO running on IBM (compatible) mainframes. Nowadays it is possible to run those operating systems in emulation … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer Let the music play on - vintage HiFi

July 2018

Lately I needed to call on some of my now rusty electronics skills since I came into some older HiFi equipment in need of attention. I consulted the world wide web in search of service manuals and found many more people with an interest in keeping older HiFi in working condition. Now I had the opportunity to combine my passion for electronics, HiFi equipment and music … and do not forget durability, since we are actually extending the life of otherwise obsolete products … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer Classical thermodynamics in a nutshell

November 2017

Recently I met during an event at my Alma Mater, the University of Nijmegen, my high school physics teacher. We discussed the chemistry curriculum and remarked that quite some chemistry students capture with difficulty the fundamental principles of thermodynamics. Needless to say that thermodynamics is one of those subjects that serve a chemist for a lifetime. In my humble opinion, one reason for this lack of retention may be the abstraction level in freshmen courses and that this might be improved by spending one or two introductory hours on the basic ideas of thermodynamics in a historic context … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer A brief history of Algol 68 Genie

November 2016

Being the author of Algol 68 Genie, people frequently ask me why a physical chemist wrote an Algol 68 compiler. This is an understandable question since people associate Algol 68 with the learned group of mathematicians and computer scientists that conceived the language some fifty years ago and people recall the reputation it had of being a hard to implement language. In this post I would like to give an account of how Algol 68 Genie came to be … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Algol 68

June 2009

This is a translation of the Algol 68 Revised Report into HTML, for distribution with Algol 68 Genie, an Open Source Algol 68 interpreter … [Read more]

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