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Marcel van der Veer FORTRAN - lingua franca with a promising future behind it

March 2022

When I was a student in the 1980's, science undergraduates took a course in structured programming at the computer science department … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer Announcing Algol 68 Genie 3.0

December 2021

I have released the current source as version 3.0. I have also updated the documentation, Learning Algol 68 Genie … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer Be multilingual!

January 2018

Every year my daughter's high school invites parents to partake in an evening of information sessions, to help students orient themselves on their future. The idea is to have parents from all walks of professional life, each parent discussing half an hour or so with small groups of students who subscribed to your sessions. You are expected to tell about your study and career, and the students are supposed to pose questions. As you will expect, some come well prepared, others must be stimulated a bit. I greatly enjoy those conversations with the next generation who have their lives ahead of them … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer A brief history of Algol 68 Genie

November 2016

Being the author of Algol 68 Genie, people frequently ask me why a physical chemist wrote an Algol 68 compiler. This is an understandable question since people associate Algol 68 with the learned group of mathematicians and computer scientists that conceived the language some fifty years ago and people recall the reputation it had of being a hard to implement language. In this post I would like to give an account of how Algol 68 Genie came to be … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer Building a small Beowulf cluster

October 2016

At home I operate a modest Beowulf type cluster for embarrassingly parallel simulation runs in batch mode. A master node controls several drones. Nodes in this cluster need no more than a server installation, but if a drone happens to have keyboard, mouse and monitor a small GUI is nice to have. This GUI should be lightweight, otherwise a desktop installation makes more sense. This page demonstrates how to set up a drone with GUI on Ubuntu Server including browser, document reader, image viewer and sound … [Read more]

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Marcel van der Veer Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Algol 68

June 2009

This is a translation of the Algol 68 Revised Report into HTML, for distribution with Algol 68 Genie, an Open Source Algol 68 interpreter … [Read more]

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